Friday, December 6, 2013

Like a drip from a toxic faucet: Fukushima Cesium in North Atlantic Ocean Fish?

UPDATE:Measuring Fukushima Radioactivity in the Ocean: Why does it take so long?

The Fukushima Demon
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 Daily Kos Article: Fukushima Cesium in North Atlantic Ocean Fish
A recently published study by Kanisch and Aust of the Thünen Institute of Fisheries Ecology in Hamburg reports that Fukushima sourced cesium (Cs) has been detected in fish collected in the north Atlantic Ocean. Like fish sampled thus far in the north Pacific the contribution of Cs to overall exposure of human consumers to radiation by consuming these fish is very small. In the Atlantic given that only modest atmospheric deposition of Cs has occurred radiation from Cs isotopes to human fish consumers is 26000-fold lower than the naturally occurring isotope polonium-210.  The authors conclude that the typical consumption of 10kg of affected fish per year: " not expected to cause concern according to present guidelines for radiation protection."
 Good Resource:  National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration US Department of Commerce Anthropogenic Radionuclides in the Marine Environment: A Selected Bibliography

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