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Images at Rapa Nui

Keone Michaels :: Know Your Easter Island
LINK: |This is a place that I too, have always have wanted to visit. This is a travel journal on line. "Easter Island - it's known to Chileans as Isla de Pascua, and to native islanders as Rapa Nui. It was a 5-hour flight straight out over the Pacific from Santiago, and it is supposedly the most remote inhabited place on earth. I was there for 4 nights/5 days, and it really was something special.Rapa Nui isn't just the name of the island, it is also the name of the native islanders' ethnicity, as well as their language. Today, the island is technically part of Chile, so Spanish is the official language, although you will hear both Spanish and Rapa Nui spoken there.I flew from Santiago - the only airline that flies there is Lan Chile, and they fly only from Santiago and Tahiti. There are 2 flights each week (although in the high season there are 3 per week). The flight is pretty pricey, but I managed to get it for about as cheap as it gets, but it was totally worth it.I didn't have any hotel reservations, but I was told that there would be various hotel representatives in the airport vying for your attention. That was indeed the case, and I chose "Chez Cecilia," and got my own room" Bustling Downtown Hanga  Roa Full Image
LINK:  |This is the story of a team of archaeologists and a 75-person crew who sought to unravel a central mystery of Easter Island: how hundreds of giant stone statues that dominate the island's coast were moved and erected. For one month, the team struggled to raise a 10-ton moai, using only the tools and materials available to the ancient Easter Islanders.
LINK:  |This site has a number of links to sites with interests in Easter Island.  Mostly academic and museums organizations.

LINK:  |Rongorongo is the name for the hieroglyphic script of Easter Island, engraved on oblong wooden tablets, of which only a few have survived.
LINK: |EASTER ISLAND MAP:Easter Island is a territory of Chile midway between Tahiti and South America. The Spanish name is Isla de Pascua but to the Polynesian inhabitants it's Rapa Nui.

Dr. Grant McCall

Centre for South Pacific Studies

The University of New South Wales

Sydney, Australia

Easter Island, a province of Chile, lies between the west coast of South America and Pitcairn Island, its nearest inhabited neighbour. It is situated in approximately 28 deg 10 min S latitude and 109 deg 30 min W longitude. Santiago, the Chilean capital, is 3790 eastward; Pitcairn is about 1600 km westward. The official Spanish name for the island is Isla de Pascua. Other languages translate it similarly so that in French it is known as Ile de Pâques, German Österinsel and so on. It is known also as Rapanui, a Polynesian name dating back to the 1860s. Some early European explorers refered to it as Te Pito o Te Henua (The navel of the world) or Vaihu, both of which are local place names.


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