Friday, March 28, 2014

Pro-Nuclear Energy?

The Pro-nuclear Environmentalist Movement: A Q&A with Dr. Patrick Moore
Dr. Patrick Moore, Co-Founder of Greenpeace and Co-Chairman of CASEnergy Coalition, is among a burgeoning group of environmentalists who support nuclear energy development as a sustainable alternative to other forms of energy.
The pro-nuclear environmentalist movement is documented in the recent film, Pandora’s Promise.
The Forum on Energy asked Dr. Moore to comment on how nuclear energy advocates and environmental sustainability groups — two historically opposite camps — now share common goals.
Forum On Energy: Has your opinion on the green credentials of nuclear energy changed or evolved as a result of recent events in the energy industry, such as the accident at Fukushima, the shale gas boom and advances in the renewable energy industry?
Dr. Patrick Moore: My opinion that nuclear energy is safe, clean and sustainable was formed in the mid-1990s during the reconsideration of energy policy in light of climate change. It is obvious that nuclear energy, when replacing fossil fuel technology, reduces CO2 emissions by more than 95 percent. Ironically I soon became highly skeptical of the possibility of human-caused catastrophic climate change, yet I still believe strongly that nuclear energy will become more desirable and necessary as time passes.
My primary reasons for supporting nuclear energy are that it is superior to other technologies as a long-term, cost-effective, safe and clean source of electrical power, and in the future as energy for hydrogen production, desalinization and heating for buildings and greenhouses. As the fossil fuels are diminished, which may take longer than previously thought, nuclear energy will take on a greater role in providing the basis for powering our civilization.

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